Monday, September 28, 2009

Chinatown sketch

Recently went sketching in SF with Brittnie who came and visited. I would've loved to stay and finished this but since I'm hecka slow even this much took me an hour and half. Maybe next time we'll bring chairs.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Artwork for an unreleased online game

As it goes, a year ago I did some freelance work with a company trying to launch an online trading card game. Right as they were preparing to release it though, the plan fell through and I haven't seen any signs of it ever picking up again.
Seeing as it's been a while and the company itself disbanded, I think it's safe to share some of the stuff I worked on..otherwise these guys wouldn't ever see the light of day. It's pretty old but I still liked how some of the characters came out.

Hey look sketches!

So as it goes everyday after work I trudge along the insane Novato heat (why yes, I have been living in the Bay Area since the first day I've been in the spoiled!).
And then proceed to wait in the abandoned theater stop until the next bus comes by. Eventually I got tired of twiddling my thumbs waiting around and bought a new sketch book *gasp*
Can't tell what a relief it is for me to actually do something instead of staring off into the distance....